What is Flow?

Flow is a state of being in which you are consistently FLOWing in the Spirit of God that allows you to live completely absorbed in purposeful, abundant living. When you achieve this state, you experience thriving relationships, strong mental and emotional health, vibrant faith, impactful work, and so much more! Simply put, you are living in your zone! Become a part of the Flow tribe and let me partner with you!

Learn strategies to help you flow in a vibrant, exciting relationship with Christ.

Learn strategies to help to live in abundance in the face of any circumstance.

Learn how to develop and maintain healthy, thriving relationships.

Learn how to flow in your gifts, skills, and strengths so you can add value to those you serve.


When you join the Flow Tribe, you're joining a movement of passionate people determined to live a purpose-driven life of focus, freedom, and flow. As a member of the Flow Tribe free email community enjoy the following benefits

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"Monica's laser-focused coaching guided me to resurrect a dream that had been dormant for at least ten years. She was patient, knowledgeable, and a great accountability partner. If you're serious about taking the necessary steps to achieve your dreams connect with her."

Sandra Brown

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